Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where an impartial, trained mediator helps negotiate the settlement of a dispute. The mediator helps the disputing parties communicate with each other to settle their immediate dispute, and to promote reconciliation and understanding between them. Mediation proceedings are confidential as a matter of Texas law. However, a mediated settlement agreement is usually admissible into the court records of the settled dispute.

How Much does Mediation cost?

Effective January 1, 2024, we offer two mediation options:  $400 per side for a half-day mediation, and $600 from each party for an all-day mediation.  The normal start time for both half-day and all-day mediations will be at 8:00 a.m.  In cases where both sides and the mediator agree to continue the mediation beyond the scheduled four hours (for a half-day) or eight hours (for a full-day), each  side will be charged an additional-hours fee of $100 per hour or part of an hour.  In all out-of-area cases, each side will be charged an additional fee of $100. 

 What Kinds of Disputes can be Mediated?

Almost any kind of dispute can be mediated. For example, commonly mediated disputes include the following:• Divorce (Property Division, Child Custody, Visitation & Child Support)*• Modification of Court Orders (Involving Child Custody/Visitation/Child Support)*• Contract disputes• Consumer complaints• Probate disputes• Automobile accidents and other injuries• Landlord-tenant problems• Homeowner Association cases• Real Estate including condemnation proceedings• Conflicts between Neighbors• Workplace & Employment issues*Note that formal court action is required to complete a divorce or modification of a court decree, even when the parties have agreed to the terms of the divorce or modification.

Who are the Mediators?

All Hill Country DR Center mediators are trained volunteers and reside in virtually every county in the Hill Country. They are from a variety of backgrounds, including law, business, human relations, psychology, education, and government. Although some of our mediators are also retired judges, mediators never impose a decision upon the parties. Instead, they help the parties find their own solutions. An agreement is more likely to withstand the test of time if the parties are involved in creating it.

What are the Benefits of Mediation?

Parties to the dispute are given the opportunity to tell their sides of the story. Mediation is often less costly and less time consuming than litigation. Mediation provides the parties the chance to move on with their lives more quickly than traditional court proceedings. Mediation gives the parties control of decisions that affect their lives rather than having a judge or jury make decisions for them. Cooperation and communication are promoted in the mediation setting, thereby reducing the amount of conflict that children feel during the divorce of their parents.

Where is the Mediation held?

Most of our mediations are held in the offices of the Hill Country DR Center directly across from the Kerr County Courthouse at 327 Earl Garrett, Suite 105, in the Downtown Executive Center in Kerrville. However, we also have many mediations in other counties throughout the Hill Country; usually in the county courthouses.Driving Directions to the Hill Country DR Center. If you are coming in on IH-10 from the direction of San Antonio: Take the first Kerrville exit (Highway 16) Go left onto Highway 16/Sidney Baker to downtown Kerrville. Take a left onto Main Street, at the light after the courthouse. Take the first left onto Earl Garrett.  We are located halfway down the block on the right at 327 Earl Garrett, Suite 105, in the Downtown Executive Center across from the Kerr County Courthouse.    Call us at local: (830) 792-5000 or toll free: (888) 292-1502 for directions from other locations.

How to Become a Trained Mediator?

Contact our office at (830) 792-5000 or (888) 292-1502 for information about upcoming training classes. The Basic Mediation Training Certificate is awarded for successfully completing a 40-hour course which is formatted in accordance with Texas Mediator Training Roundtable standards. An additional 30-hour course in Advanced Family Mediation is required for mediating family law disputes. Check the Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable website at for their calendar of upcoming mediation classes throughout Texas.

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